Somermist Farm remembers:

Any website about our farm would not be complete without remembering three very important influences that bring us to where we are today.

Arnold Hotz

Arnold "Arnie" Hotz

Dale's grandpa was a profound influence on our love for horses. He taught us that work came first, but there was always room for fun too. An accomplished and avid horseman, Arnie was always willing to take the time to teach. A lion of a man, with a big roar and a heart of gold.

Garth Hotz

Garth was quite a force! Whether riding during a bicentennial reenactment or at a show, always the showman. Garth also taught a rigid work ethic and the importance of doing a job right, be it barn chores, grooming or house work. Garth was a great dad, horseman, and mentor.

John Beinert

John "Jack" Beinert

John was not a horseman; he just had some very horse crazy daughters! No matter, he embraced the entire experience. John had been known to drive a truck and trailer to a horse show, leave it and go to work, and then come back to pick us up. He could hardly wait to hear of the days events.

Without the love and support of these men, our love of equines would not have been fostered. Their dedication to faith and family has been an inspiration to us. We still miss them daily but are profoundly grateful for the gifts they gave us.

"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you".

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